1. The current food system is inefficient, unfair, and opaque. Just to participate, even small, local producers have to feed into the global supply chain. And that’s totally killing the local in “locally grown.”

2. We need to stop that.

3. Let’s grow 20 % of our produce locally.

4. And because there will soon be 7 billion people living in cities, let’s grow it there.

5. And let’s do this by the end of the 21st century.

6. Urban farms will grow food locally and more efficiently. They will feed more people, more sustainably.

7. Today, almost 100 % of the produce we buy is grown industrially and then shipped thousands of miles around the world.

8. Yes, conventional farming got us where we are, but we need a real revolution if we’re going to move forward. We must change how food is grown, delivered, and consumed.

9. Let’s disrupt the system. Let’s empower the farmer and cut out the middleman. Let’s get fairer prices, spend less on distribution, and create far less waste with urban farms.

10. It’s a fair product and a fair system.

11. It’s time to engage the people. They have no idea how their food is grown, what’s in it, or how it got to their plate. Urban farming will bring the food system back to the people, enabling customers to witness the process, and encouraging the entire community to participate.

12. The food industry is more concerned with efficiency than keeping its customers healthy. We need to start farming in the people’s best interest. Urban farms take better care of what we eat. No pesticides. No residues. No shortcuts.

13. Are you passionate about healthy food? Do you look to the rooftops and see potential? Join us. Let’s buy local, eat fresh, stay healthy. Let’s grow our future together.

Yours locally,