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What Fresh is to me?

By September 7, 2016 Blog

Mark Durno – Managing Director UrbanFarmer Benelux

When I was a boy, I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm in the North East of Scotland. We had a dairy for milk, hens for eggs, Shorthorn beef cattle, arable crops (for whisky production!) and a kitchen garden. One annoying task that I experienced as a young boy was collecting fresh milk from the dairy. I didn’t want to walk the 500m to the parlor; I wanted to play with my friends!

The fun part came the next morning. I found out that the cream would settle to the top of the milk – Delicious! I would try to wake up first so that I could enjoy that viscous, silky fresh cream-milk on my coco-pops. Beating my sister to the cream was a perfect start to any day!

Mark and his little sister

Now I know that’s what fresh really is. Experiencing the fun of stealing the cream, or remembering the sweet taste of a cherry tomato hours later because you smell the plant on your hands.

Our goal at UrbanFarmers is not just to produce good quality fresh food. It is to reconnect people to fresh and a community through a local rooftop farm.

UF Club is our answer. The UF Club will give city dwellers and families the chance to experience real freshness together. You can choose what crops we grow for the coming season, learn to clean and cook a fish, stroll through the greenhouse or enjoy a rooftop dinner with produce that was harvested only minutes before.

UrbanFarmers’ want every urbanite and families to reconnect to fresh and a local community. The UF Club is the platform to do it.

For me – I just want to see a new generation of brothers beat their sisters to the cream! 😀 (sorry sis!)

– Mark

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