UrbanFarmers Tomatensoep

Snel & makkelijk vegetarisch recept UrbanFarmers Tomatensoep  Onze UF Tomatensoep serveren wij op de Dakmarkt en vaak bij onze tours, bomvol met onze eigen gezonde tomaatjes. Benieuwd naar deze pure

Makkelijk vegetarisch recept:Aubergine bootjes

Makkelijk vegetarisch recept Aubergine bootjes  Maak zelf deze super makkelijke UF Aubergine bootjes uit de oven! Wij eten het vaak aan onze lunchtafel, lekker en gezond :-) Ingrediënten voor vier

What Fresh is to me?

Mark Durno - Managing Director UrbanFarmer Benelux When I was a boy, I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm in the North East of Scotland. We had

Special Offer at Mochi Restaurant

Special Offer! Are you curious about how the tomatoes and fish taste from the rooftop farm? Do you fancy a extrem creative gastro experience in The Hague? From today, any

How to get a job at UrbanFarmers!

Mark Durno   
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Aug 18
Ever wondered what it takes to be an UrbanFarmer? We often receive requests to join our team and, when it’s the right person, it can be a match made in
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2nd Farm Open House

2nd UF002 De Schilde Open House Friday! 14:00 to 17:30pm Come to talk to the UF team and taste the freshest Haagse produce! From 16:00pm, we will also host a
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UF Fresh. Revolution. Weekly Blog

Jun 14
Hello Fresh Revolutionaries, Welcome to the Fresh. Revolution! You may have already talked to one of us from the UF team, or maybe you’ve heard of us from TV, the
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UF002 De Schilde on BBC News

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