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How to get a job at UrbanFarmers!

By August 18, 2016 Blog

Ever wondered what it takes to be an UrbanFarmer?

We often receive requests to join our team and, when it’s the right person, it can be a match made in heaven. So what does it take to join the UF team? Well, we’re going to try and give you some insights!

Passion: without it, we go nowhere! And it is not only a passion for producing the best and freshest quality produce that drives us; we want to change the world! When we started out in 2010, most people had never heard of urban farming or aquaponic, but with our driven and passionate team we are now a European leader, and breaking into new continents every year. Passion moves people to do amazing things.

2. Belief
Do you think you are the best person for the job? NO! You need to KNOW you are the best at what you do, and keep striving to stay on top. We value skilled and driven team members who can challenge and support each-other, always striving to improve and remain the best at what we do.

3. Predict the future…or create it!
See it, grab it! The best team members always have one eye on what’s coming. If you’re an accountant, predict the numbers; if you’re a seller, visualize what your customer wants; if you’re a cleaner, anticipate when the next office party will be…J The point is, dream it, visualize it and make it real and you can have a massive impact: UF teams are always proactive.

4. Have an eye for quality
At UrbanFarmers, we are not interested in how many kilograms you can grow per square meter, or the number of fish you can stuff in a tank. UF stands for quality. We strive to create the best quality produce and experiences, so an eye for excellence will stand your in good stead.

Finally – if you want to make a lasting impression, go that extra mile. One team member got the day wrong for her interview. A BIG no-no! But, it turns out she is a whizz in the kitchen – so, to demonstrate her passion for organic food (alongside an apology!) she baked a special apple pecan pie for the UF team with saved produce from her grocery store. Deliciousness and instant forgiveness followed J (…of course, she also has prerequisites 1-4 to make it happen in the first place!)

So…think you have what it takes? UrbanFarmers is a young and growing team, with offices in Switzerland, The Netherlands, USA and Brazil. We are rocking the farming world by bringing fresh production of fish and vegetables to the place of consumption: a city near you.

You can learn more about vacancies here.

Join the Fresh. Revolution.

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