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UF Fresh. Revolution. Weekly Blog

By June 14, 2016 Blog
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Hello Fresh Revolutionaries,

Welcome to the Fresh. Revolution!

You may have already talked to one of us from the UF team, or maybe you’ve heard of us from TV, the newspaper, online or from a friend. Either way, we are very happy you’ve found us and have decided to join the Fresh. Revolution. in The Hague!

We are UrbanFarmers. We are food enthusiasts. And we’re not enthusiastic about just any food, we are good food enthusiasts, fresh food enthusiasts.

We believe that fresh food that has ripened on the plant tastes exponentially better than food that has ripened in the back of a truck or shipping container. We know, like everyone else, that food spoils over time, and we know that the process starts the moment the fruit leaves the plant, not the moment it leaves the warehouses. And only local can offer the ultimate freshness. (Our language might not be local yet, we are working and fighting on that, but the farm is absolutely Haagse! :-P)

Finding the best cucumbers: tasting experiment for the next season!

We are farmers within the city. When we grow food, we grow for flavors and quality, not for mass quantity and vast distribution. Our tomatoes and cucumbers are ripened on the vine under the natural light of the haagse sun, our salads are harvested and brought on the same day directly to you. No more food transported around the globe only to end up, softened by time, no more food ripen in dark, damp tractors and continue to wilt on supermarket shelves, no more dirty pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics interfering with nature!

This is our mission: to grow for the flavor, serve for the freshness and share with the community. We’ll continue working hard to show you just how good a fresh tomato can taste. We want to see your happy faces as you bite into the UF produce and experience the true enjoyment of good food, while helping to make the planet a little bit healthier.

If you just can’t wait to sink your teeth into the fresh, locally grown products, you can always visit the farm during our Open House Fridays.(This Friday you can create your own Haagse salad with the freshest produce from the farm). Of course you can also enjoy our urban harvest at several local restaurants in The Hague, lovingly prepared by some of the best chefs in town, and talk to our Fresh.Revolution. ambassadors, they are: Patrick from Mochi Restaurant, Niels from Het Gouden Kalf, Monif from Ocean Square, Sergio from Les Ombrelles, Ed from Strandpaviljoen De Kwartel, Nick from Museum Catering/Catering Masters and Junior from De Kookfabriek. We are so proud and excited to work with such talented partners who share our vision for the Fresh. Revolution.!

The farm has been running smoothly since the end of March. Each week we harvest rooftop salads and tomatoes and immediately deliver to local restaurants, to keep the time between harvest and consumption as short as possible. Soon we’ll launch limited edition trial basket filled with ultra-fresh, ultra-yummy and ultra-local vegetables that you can pick up from the farm. The official launch of the UF Fresh Weekly Baskets will still be early this September, when we have the first harvest of the UF Big City Swimmer to our assortment of fresh treats. Make sure to act quickly and sign up for a basket, as we’ll only have 500 in the first harvest! 🙂 Meanwhile, we are also busy looking for reliable delivery options so we can bring the freshness to you as conveniently and ecologically as we can.

Join the Fresh. Revolution.. Let’s buy local, eat fresh, and stay healthy. Let’s grow our future together!

Yours locally,
UrbanFarmers team

Farm lunch salad on Wednesday. Freshly picked and cut tomatoes & cucumbers from the farm with avocado and tuna. Can’t wait to have the UF Big City Swimmer to make a full UF dish in September!

From now on, we will publish biweekly blog via our website, with farm updates, team stories, recipes from our Gastro-partners etc. We are also more than happy to hear from your stories with UF, recipes with the fresh farm produce, thoughts on Fresh. Revolution. or anything you want to share with us!

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