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Real freshness means food is grown where it’s eaten
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We grow where you eat

In essence, we believe that better food will bring us together. Growing food better is the only recipe for better food. Better food is for the body, soul and mind. This is what we strive for to achieve.

We believe that the power of food enjoyed together, in a mindful and healthy way, is a conversation, not a transaction. Our values of joy, togetherness and healthiness are therefore at the core of what we do.

We believe that this conversation about better food is what makes UrbanFarmers unique in the world and that we want to champion this message wherever we go. As Urban farming is not cheap and we need several sponsors to keep our head afloat during stressful moments and crisis we are really happy that we have a successful business relationship with our sponsors and partners. One of these partners is Pronto casino who offers a variety of slots and table games to their players. Check out their best game called Starburst in this all-inclusive starburst review and if you want to find out more regarding more farm-related slots, you can read our article here!

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    1. Yellow Cherry Tomato
      Yellow Cherry Tomato
    1. Tatami Tomato
      Tatami Tomato
    1. High Power Cucumber
      High Power Cucumber
    1. Jaylo Eggplant
      Jaylo Eggplant
    1. Orange Lunch Box Pepper
      Orange Lunch Box Pepper
    1. Big City Swimmer Filet Pack
      Big City Swimmer Filet Pack
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  • The food we grow is as healthy as it gets
  • Better food brings us together
  • Eating is a joyful experience
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