What’s Fresh. Revolution?

Pretty much all the food being sold as fresh today has traveled thousands of kilometers to get to your plate. Does that make sense to you? We certainly didn’t get the clue of it.

Instead of having farmers far away produce your veggies for the night and fly in frozen fish from abroad, we believe it’s more convenient, healthier, fresher and sustainable to grow and breed food where it’s eaten: nearby where people live, in cities. We believe it’s time to empower the farmers and engage the people.

So we decide to disrupt the system by declaring our own, very healthy,
Fresh. Revolution.

It’s time for a fresh start!
It’s time for you to join!

Yours Locally,

Ultra-local & Ultra-Fresh

You might think tomatoes, salads, baby leaf or fish are what they are but we’ll be glad to prove you differently. We assure you it’s not a matter of tomato-tomato but in fact there’s a world of difference between the products from our rooftop farms that travel less than 5 kilometers and the food you get from supermarket shelves.

We offer true freshness, less footprint and ultimate quality. That really does look, tastes and smells differently than the products you’ve known until now. But we’re sure that you’ll like the difference, so get the taste of it!


Aquaponics is an ancient and sustainable food production technique that we have brought to present day using sophisticated technology.

It combines vegetable and fish production: nutrients rich waste water from fish production are recycled as fertilizer for vegetables, and plants can purify the water that will be reused for fish production.

Our goal is to maximise resource efficiency. Aquaponics can save up to 90% water usage comparing to separate systems.

Join the Fresh. Revolution. today.

Responsible food

Using our innovative technology, UrbanFarmers takes its responsibility to environment with sustainable practices:

  • No pesticide, no herbicide and no antibiotics, a low input safe system.
  • Good feed and good water, with all resources controlled for the good of our fish and plants.
  • Optimal fish living standard, the best tech for higher animal welfare

We will never be satisfied by our journey towards sustainability. UrbanFarmers keeps constantly optimizing our farms and making changes.

Zero waste concept
UF E-tuktuk delivery
Green UF packaging

Premium quality

UrbanFarmers offers premium quality food with high nutrients, revolutionary freshness and real taste.

How do you rate the quality of UF produce?

Very good

86% of the customers rated UF products as “very good”

Growing fresh food is only the first step UF takes to offer the premium quality. UrbanFarmers takes care of your fresh tasty experience from seed to harvest:

  • We choose the best species for the perfect flavors;
  • We produce veggies and fish with both vitamins and proteins.
  • We control every production step to ensure safety;
  • We process and deliver as fast as we can to guarantee the revolutionary freshness.
Come and Experience it

Seeing is believing!

UrbanFarmers offers the possibility to see behind the curtains of our farms.

We invite you to visit the farm and see the system, so you can be 100% certain:
the food you eat is produced in a sustainable and responsible way!